Arete is a concept that arose in ancient Greece to define excellence while living to one’s fullest potential.  At Arete Online Learning we offer quality online education that will challenge students to reach their highest potential.  


Our teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach and possess a deep knowledge of them.  They strive to help students find the joy in learning and to stoke the natural curiosity they have about a subject.  In our classes students not only gain an understanding of concepts, but they also learn to think creatively and analyze problems that relate to the topics presented.  



Lora Danley – FOundER

Lora Danley has been teaching and tutoring for over twenty-five years.  She started teaching in college and has been teaching in some form ever since.  She holds a B.S. in Chemistry from MIT, an M.S. in Chemistry from UC Berkeley, and a BFA in Computer Arts from the Academy of Art University.  She teaches classes in science, photography, and writing and as a life-long learner, has studied all three extensively for years.